The objective of this organization is the same as that of its parent (80-20 NAAPAC) organization, National Asian American PAC, (NAAPAC-FL), which is to win equal justice and opportunity for all Asian Pacific Americans (APAs).   We do so at both the national and state levels.   As a pivotal battleground state in every recent presidential election, no candidate can win the White House without winning FL (along with OH).  As such, AsAms in FL have become the surrogate representative of AsAm’s political voice and aspirations nationally.  In assuming this enormous responsibility, we are mindful of our fiduciary duties to our community and to our nation and we believe America is strengthened and enriched when all AsAms are accorded equal opportunity to reach their full potential.   This is our quest and the mission endures.


NAAPAC works tirelessly on behalf of you and your children to have A FAIR AND EQUAL CHANCE IN ATTAINING THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Think of NAAPAC membership dues as buying insurance for your family’s future. It’s much cheaper yet MORE important than other insurance you buy! Membership dues are wisely spent on effective political education and persuasion in the general presidential election. This includes persuading presidential candidates to  support AsAm interests, in return for our bloc vote, promoting AsAm voter registration and turnout, organizing a bloc-vote in the general and state-level election. All directors and officers are volunteers and unpaid. We secure written commitments of action from candidates and only endorse those most committed to our rightful concerns and causes.

We never stop working for you.  But we need your financial support to do so!

Any US citizen or permanent resident can become a member. Only dues-paying members may vote and become candidates for NAAPAC elective offices.


NAAPAC is a national, non-partisan cyberspace political organization dedicated to working for equality and justice for ALL Asian Americans (AsAms).

NAAPAC has 14 years’ experience, contact with over 700,000 supporters on its e-mail lists, an open, democratic, and transparent structure, and the ability to project a powerful political voice.

NAAPAC as a political action committee (PAC) has the legal right to help elect (or defeat) political candidates. Civic organizations that enjoy tax-exempt status are FORBIDDEN to engage in political activities.  Therefore, unlike the aforementioned non-profit entities, we can engage in and effect political change.